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  • Why Should I Sign Up for Events/Tournaments?
    This is a way to get noticed & scouted by schools. You can meet like minded individuals to network and broaden your experience.
  • I'm Not a Player but Am Interested in Sports Casting, Coaching, etc. Should I Still Sign Up?
    Yes! There are multiple careers from entertainment to logistics when it comes to esports. Connect with colleges to see what scholarships they offer for your interests.
  • What Type of Events Are There?
    We Have Many Different Types of Events including In-Person Tournaments, Online Tournaments, College Fairs, Leagues, etc.
  • Should I Add a Resume to My Profile?
    Although it isn't required, colleges may want to see a professional resume. If you wish, you can upload your resume on your profile.
  • We Are a College Esports Program, Why Should We Sign Our School Up?
    ASG Connect is a sister company for All Systems Go Enterprises. Starting out as a facility forced us to work from the ground up. We networked with local New England Colleges, High Schools, Students, & Brands like Red Bull. Our events will allow you to recruit talented and eager students to improve your programs. 1-on-1 discussions with potential students & access to all of our events.
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